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Who We Are
Western Canada's proven go to resource for value conscious buyers and sellers of grains, oilseeds and bi-products
AgValue Brokers
Independent, unbiased, competitive cash brokerage
Feedlot Strategies
Competitive tools for progressive feedlot operators
AgValue Carriers
Freight (including bulk) and logistics services across North America
AgValue Live
Web based, real time price discovery for progressive producers
AgValue Group introduces:

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What is your market doing—right now?
Log onto our newest product; AgValue Live and see a real time snapshot of up to the minute feed prices and bids by motivated buyers and sellers across North America.
Compare current and historical trends, access the latest market analysis and learn more about adding value to your bottom line.
For information email info@agvaluelive.com or call 1-800-679-2919.
Experience value—today.
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