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AgValue Brokers
One Call for Value
There are two absolutes in agribusiness:
  1. Market dynamics are never static
  2. Value is imperative
We respect both. Since 1993, AgValue Brokers has been creating value for buyers and sellers of feedgrains, oilseeds and bi-products with independent cash brokerage services that are:
Unbiased—Instant price discovery for both buyers and sellers. Our business depends on maintaining strong relationships with both parties in each transaction and a tight pulse on cash market activity 24/7
Accountable—AgValue Broker transactions are confirmed, officially documented and confidential
Low Cost—Transaction fees are competitive and transparent; no hidden costs
Hassle Free—One call gets you buying or selling at optimal market prices
One Click for Value
Now, one click gets you logged onto AgValue Live where you can access our new web based cash trading service 24/7. You do the trading; we’ll take care of the legwork.
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