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Who We Are
Four Ways to Build Value for Your Business
The AgValue Group was formed in 1993 to provide Western Canadian buyers and sellers of domestic feed grains, oilseeds and bi-products with independent, unbiased cash brokerage.
As market dynamics and technology have evolved, so too has our business. Today, our Alberta based, privately held company, offers a comprehensive marketing bundle designed to create real value in real time for progressive growers, feedlot operators and competitive buyers.
One call or click will help you buy or sell at an optimal price; complete financial transactions, plan longer term marketing strategies and transport product throughout North America. Here’s how:
  • AgValue Brokers—independent, unbiased cash brokerage of Western Canadian grains, oilseeds and bi-products
  • Feedlot Strategies—risk management and marketing advice for discerning grain buyers
  • AgValue Carriers Corporation—freight and logistics for bulk product transport across North America
  • AgValue Live—a two part service that features:
    1. An innovative first of its kind in Western Canada, web based cash trading platform that provides an instant real time snapshot of current prices and bids from motivated buyers and seller
    2. Real time and historical market information, trends and analysis on all aspects of Western Canadian feed grains oilseeds and by products markets
Unbaised • Accountable • Low Cost • Hassle Free
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